June PBBS Meet N’ Greet — Sweetwater

Having stood as one of the bonafide whiskey bars of Palm Beach County for more than a decade, Sweetwater: Cocktails, Whiskey & Kitchen (Sweetwater) was the appropriate location for the latest monthly Palm Beach Bourbon Society (PBBS) Meet N’ Greet event. The June PBBS event brought a stunning collection of various bourbon bottles for members to enjoy while noshing on an array of small bites prepared by the Sweetwater kitchen.

PBBS members in attendance had the opportunity to sample pours from bottles of 1792 Sweet Wheat and Aged Twelve Years, Peerless Double Oak, Chattanooga Whiskey Founder’s 10th Anniversary Blend, Four Roses Single Barrel Store Picks (the Barrel Strengths were quite tasty), Wyoming Whiskey, and others. If you had the opportunity to enjoy a pour from the Old Fitzgerald Eight-Year Bottled-in-Bond or the Blue Note 17-Year Tennessee Whiskey, you were not disappointed, given the scarcity in finding such bottles for retail price, let alone locally. Additionally, you had the opportunity to try some old “Dusty” bottles of Rebel Yell, Old Grand-Dad, and Bourbontown Club. Each provided a vastly different nosing and sipping experience that was quite fascinating and gratifying.

During the event, PBBS treated members with some tasty small bites that they had Sweetwater prepare ahead of time for everyone to enjoy, such as Korean BBQ Tacos, Cauliflower Hushpuppies, Pulled Pork Sliders, and Flatbread. If you were so inclined, you could order a cocktail or two from the bar (PBBS members received a 20 percent discount on all cocktails).

While most were there for neat pours, cocktails such as the Blind Swine (bacon bourbon, smoked sea salt, maple bitters, and a garnish of bacon) and Death & Taxes (Earl Grey-steeped gin, elderflower stone pine liqueur, lemon, yuzu tonic) were quite delicious.

When you come to a PBBS Meet N’ Greet, you can expect to enjoy a good pour (or three), some good eats to soak up such pours, and, most importantly, share those experiences with people who appreciate the bourbon and from it flows. The June event at Sweetwater continued the excellent company, drinks, times, and vibes since PBBS re-started the Meet N’ Greets last year.

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  1. Attendance last night was exceptional. We were all able to enjoy wonderful pours with friends, some of which were newbies. Thanks to all who attended.. .. Awesome

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