Learning About The Brown Water

Classes & Seminars

Whether you’re new to bourbon, or just trying to expand your knowledge a bit, Palm Beach Bourbon Society is a good place to start. We offer seminars and classes (both private and individual). We can tailor these classes to your preference. Give us a call.

Types Of
Classes & Seminars

Let us tailor our seminars for you to meet your need. Whether you are an individual, new group or restaurant, we can customize something for you.

Individual Classes

One on one, or with a few friends! These are usually held at a private residence.

Groups & Parties

These are the most fun, just let us know what you'd like to learn more about.

Public & Members Only

Public forum or members only events, we can do them.

A Few Words About Our Seminars

Our training doesn’t come out of a box. We design and tailor it around your needs so you will get exactly what you need to become knowledgeable in the areas you want. Contact us to find out more!

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Let's Share Some of our Favorite Expressions

The more events you attend, the more expressions you’ll be exposed to. From unicorns to daily sippers.

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