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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Welcome Gift (Level 2 and Above)
  • Free members-only events
  • Discounted PBBS events (Level 2 and above)
  • Discounted tickets to bourbon events held by PBBS friends, and partner organizations (Level 2 and Above)
  • Right of first refusal to PBBS whole-barrel selection and purchase (Level 3 and Above).

Please check back often as we work on adding exciting new benefits for our members!

The dues for membership are free for our Angels Share members, (Entry Level 1. ) Following (at Level 2), it will be $99 per year for the Bottled in Bond members. (We also offer household membership for 2 which is $150 per year (perfect for spouses) on this level. Finally, our most beneficial membership (at Level 3) is The Full Proof membership at $499. per year.

Upon receiving your completed application and dues, membership is active for one full year.

Yes, renewal is required each year if you would like to continue benefiting from PBBS membership opportunities.

You can join by completing our online registration form or in person by attending one of our events. 

Please contact our membership coordinator John Sirianos by phone at 561-756-1270 or by email at or

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