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About Us.

We are a society for Bourbon (and whisk(e)y) Enthusiasts to share and sample bourbons and whisk(e)ys, promote charities, education, and share information for the greater Palm Beach County area and beyond.

We Love Bourbon.

Where the Brown Water meets the Blue Water.

A Few Words About Us

Palm Beach Bourbon Society is a small local group whose main focus is greater Palm Beach County (and beyond) with ties in the Northeast, Kentucky and Texas. Our goal is to teach more, contribute more and share more.

Our Drink Policy

We will not tolerate any activity prohibited by law, which may include some of the following: selling, ISO, (In search of) trading, advertising, Valuations of bottles or any other activity that is prohibited. Further, we will not stand for anyone to bash or talk disparagingly to another member of the group for any reason. You must be 21 years or older to be in this group or be on this website. Any Violation of these rules (that we have knowledge of) will result in you being removed and blocked from this web page.

Our Core Values

 This group was formed for members to enjoy discussing and sharing opinions about all things Bourbon and Whisk(e)y related .  We hope that you find enjoyment and learn (or help someone else learn) and explore the expressions we all enjoy.

We Are One Big Bourbon Loving Family!

Check out some of our meet-ups!

A Message From Our President

John Sirianos

Greetings One and All,

My wife and I started this club with the hopes of sharing some good pours, meeting new people and making the world a better place. Myself, I started as an Oenophile just dabbling in bourbon. I believe if you have a palate for wine, you will better understand the depths of bourbon, rye etc.  Bourbon has layers, attributes and depth similar to wine. My switch from wine was Michter’s 10. That expression opened a new world for me, like a key unlocking a new dimension. I hope I get to share a dram or two with you. Cheers!

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