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Palm Beach Bourbon Society

We are a Society of Enthusiasts to share and sample Bourbons, Whisk(e)y and Spirits. We promote charities, education, and share information for the greater Palm Beach County area and beyond. 

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The Bourbon Whisk(e)y Club

Our Tasteful Story

A few years back, we visited the Lexington Bourbon Society in Kentucky and greatly admired their society. Upon our return, we wanted to emulate that camaraderie. We started the Palm Beach Bourbon Society with hopes to enjoy just a small piece of what existed in Lexington.  We didn’t advertise PBBS, rather decided to grow our club organically. So far, so good. Cheers!

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Friends of PBBS

Friends of PBBS

Our Latest Barrel Picks

Some Of Our Favorite Bottles

We All Love Our Bourbons

With all of the different choices of Whisk(e)y we have, it’s great to explore and know the difference between a bourbon or rye, a wheated bourbon or a corn only bourbon. A Tennessee whiskey. A Scotch Whisky, or other Single Malts. An Irish Whiskey or a Canadian Whisky. We may even throw in an Anejo Tequila or two. Explore, sip and taste.

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